Movie Night Gift Baskets

Create Cinema Celebrations with a Movie Gift Basket!

A movie gift basket lets you have a movie theater experience at home! When itís time to relax and unwind, is there anything quite as uniquely comfortable and exhilarating as an evening spent with your favorite movie? Youíve got the couch all cleared for landing and itís time to queue up the action, but whoís brought the snacks?, thatís who! When not just any old party platter will do, look to us for the perfect gourmet basket filled with your favorite movie theater style treats to get the fun started off right! Nothing brings out the theatrical nostalgia quite like the perfect combination of sweet & salty treats that you grew up with, and you can find them all here at!

All of Your Favorite Movie Night Snacks!

Dim the lights, fire up the projector and get ready for a fun and relaxing way to treat yourself and your friends & family to a special evening viewing! A gourmet basket from will help you relive your favorite cinema experiences without the sticky floors!

Sometimes a home theater is only missing a little extra pizzazz to be complete, and you can bring the authentic cinema experience home with the Movie Night Care Package, featuring enough crunchy munchables to add that finishing touch for your favorite movie buff. Got a bigger crowd in mind? Look no further than our Family Flix Movie Gift Box, which comes with enough snacks to satisfy the whole gang & even comes with popcorn bowls and a Redbox gift certificate good for six movie rentals. Theyíll think of you every time they tune in and chow down! For the more refined sweet tooth, we also offer the Superstar Style Gift Box featuring gourmet chocolates, cheeses, a tempting raspberry fudge cake and even flavored cappuccino. All of our movie night snacks come with cinema-themed packaging and accessories which are sure to get everyone into the viewing spirit! Many of our other gift baskets also come with Redbox gift certificates, so youíll be providing both the snacks and the show!

A Delicious Movie Gift Basket is Just an Order Away!

While it may be tempting to search locally for the perfect popcorn gift basket with all the right movie night snacks, you might end up lost in the sea of retailers all vying for your attention and still end up bringing home some items which werenít necessarily on your list. At we are dedicated to providing only the best from the world of gourmet gift baskets to help bring extra joy to your most treasured moments.

Our hand-picked selection of movie gift basket sets and superior customer service reflects our desire to offer you the best possible gift-giving experience that will leave your friends and loved ones wondering what tasty surprises you might come up with next! We have items to suit all tastes, whether your audience likes sweet & salty theater-style snacks or gourmet sensations! So for your home theater experience, be sure to think of and bring the movie-magic to life!

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