Photo Cookie FAQ's
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What is the minimum amount of time needed to order scan cookies?
5 business days from the day we receive the artwork.

What types of images or artwork do you accept?
Basically, anything. We also accept 35mm negatives.
(Computer printout images when scanned come out distorted and it's really difficult and time consuming to repair, we recommend either emailing us the file or bring in original)
Images can be sent three ways:
1) Taken directly to our office
2) Postal: 139 Fulton Street, Suite 810, New York,NY 10038
3) E-Mail: (Most Preferred Method)

What are the measurements and extensions needed to send email?
Minimum resolutions are 200dpi with the minimum image size 3.75 x 3.
We use Adobe Photoshop, file extension accepted: psd, pdd, bmp, rle, dib, gif, eps, flm, jpg, jpeg, jpe, pdf, pcx, raw, pdp, pcd, pxr, png, pct, pict, tga, vda, icb, vst, tif, tiff,wmbp, wbm.

What shapes of cookies are available and there sizes?
Rectangle - 4 x 3.2 and circle - 3" are available all year.
Heart shape cookies will be available for Valentine's and year round upon approval.

What is the price?
12 cookies minimum one design $3.50 each.

How much extra is personalization?
Nothing, the personalization is free. Compliments of Mrs. Beasley's

What are borders?
Borders are automatically added to decorate the edges of the cookies giving the image a fancy finish at no additional cost. Customers can request that no border be added but we highly recommend them.

How are the cookies package and the cost?
Cookies are individually wrapped in a cello sealed airtight. We also individually wrap cookies in bags with ribbon or a gift box at an additional charge. Shipping items will be packaged in bubble wrap to protect from damage.

What if my cookies arrive damage?
We will replace any cookies damaged in the shipping process free of charge.

How much is shipping?
We provided hand delivery in Los Angeles and Orange County.
Pick-Up at one of the retail stores No Charge.
Shipping is available throughout the United States using Fed-Ex or UPS. We also ship International. These prices depend on the amount of cookies ordered and the weight of the package.

What is the shelf life?
To consume 4-6 weeks, for keepsake un-refrigerated 3 months but after 4 weeks the color in the icing and ink will discolor.

Are the cookies edible?
Yes, 100%. The cookies are shortbread with a glaze of icing; the image is printed on sugar paper with food coloring ink

Do you do touch-ups images?
Yes, if we receive a photo with minimal scratches tears or discolor we will fix it at no additional charge but if the image is in need of a considerable amount of work there will be an additional charge but only after the customer is contacted and approved.

Can we see the image before it's printed?
Yes, but only through email. We can send an electronic copy for approval. If customer has not responded by end of day the image will be printed out.

Will my image be returned?
Yes, It will be returned to the address listed in the customer portion of the order form.

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